Des Moines Dryer Vent Cleaning & Installation

Dryer Vent Cleaning and Installation offers professional dryer vent services for commercial and residential clients in Des Moines, Iowa. We have years of experience and extensive knowledge of dryer vent design. Our contractors are available to provide a wide range of services including dryer vent cleaning, installation, inspections, and rerouting. We encourage any dryer owner to regularly clean their dryer vents. Want to learn more about our services? Feel free to email or call our customer service team today for more info or to book an appointment.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Dryer Vents

How often should you clean your dryer vents? We encourage any homeowner to have their vents checked and cleaned at least once a year. Larger homes or businesses may require 2-3 cleanings a year. A clean dryer vent can reduce the risk of fires, save energy, reduce wear & tear on your appliances, and dry your clothing quicker. The reduction in dust and debris can also improve air quality in your home by reducing airborne allergens. You’ll also notice lower utility bills after a dryer vent cleaning.

Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

The team at Dryer Vent Cleaning and Installation is available today for residential dryer vent cleaning services in Des Moines. Our team specializes in dryer vent services. We will have your vents cleaned and ready in no time. From the exterior cover to the ductwork, we will provide an in-depth cleaning service that will eliminate dust, allergens, debris, and animal matter from your dryer vents. A dirty dryer vent can be a health and safety hazard for you and your family. Don’t hesitate to call us to schedule a cleaning service.

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Do you manage a commercial property? We are also available for commercial dryer vent cleaning services in Des Moines, Iowa. From hotels to laundromats, your dryers are in constant use. The vents will quickly accumulate dirt, dust, and allergens. Keeping these vents clean is essential for your business. Your dryers will run smoothly and efficiently after a cleaning. There will be less wear and tear on your commercial dryers as well. Clean vents also greatly reduce the risk of a dryer fire. If you need the best commercial dryer vent services in town, call our team today.

Dryer Vent Installation, Repair, and Rerouting Services

Our team is also available for all your installation needs. The contractors at Dryer Vent Cleaning and Installation are available today to get started on your installation project. From damaged vents to installing vents in new construction, we’re ready for the job. Our team of licensed contractors has years of experience helping property owners install and repair dryer vents. Damaged vents can cause a variety of problems. Whether you have a hard time drying clothing, or your vent caught fire, it might be time for new dryer vents. New vents can also help improve the efficiency of your dryer and lower your utility bills.

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